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"Deer flies are vicious painful biters that are relentless in their pursuit of blood to the point of a meal or death"

There are 63 know varieties of the species Chrysops found in North America. They are found from May through September and as any gardener, farmer, fisherman, hunter, camper, swimmer, cottager and golfer can tell you, the Deer Fly is the most persistent and painful biting fly. They are like black flies on steroids.

Unlike stinging insects, Deer Flies have a mouth with razor sharp 'lips' that they use to tear into you skin looking for blood. Deer Flies are abundant in wooded areas and areas with water. They lie in the shade of bushes and trees waiting for a victim to walk by. They are attracted to moving dark silhouettes, carbon dioxide and odours. Deer Flies are very strong flyers and are not easily dissuaded from attack by swatting. Their bites hurt and most often leave a cut that bleeds and attracts other insects that are not equipped with cutting tools. They are not easily repelled by conventional repellents—even those containing Deet. Deer Flies are known carries of several diseases such as Tularemia and Lyme Disease.


"The Tred-Not DeerFly Patch is simple, effective and clean. No messy oils or lotions."

The DeerFly Patch was developed following years of study into the flying and attack habits of Deer Flies. It was discovered that Deer Flies typically buzz around your head in circles, lighting momentarily several times before biting. They attack moving objects from behind and high.

Seeking a non-chemical solution, different types and colours of strips were tested. It was determined that skin coloured strips were most effective and that the back of a hat was the best location. Lengthy testing was conducted to develop an adhesive that would immobilize the flies and be effective in varying weather conditions.

The end result is 2" by 6" flesh-coloured patches which attach to the back of the cap or hat. Attacking deerflies land on the patch believing it is a "good feeding place". When they do, they are stuck. The Deer Flies are no longer a nuisance flying around your head or biting.

There are no messy lotions to rub on your skin, There are no toxic substance or odours. DeerFly Patches were developed and are manufactured in the United States.


"Simply peel and stick on your hat."

DeerFly Patches are simple to use. Simply peel the WHITE backing paper and press the Patch on the back of the hat making sure the edges are pressed down. Then remove the BROWN release paper to expose the special adhesive which traps deer flies but does not stick to skin.

A two pack of patches will typically last one week. When the patch is full, pull the strip off the hat and dispose in the appropriate garbage container. Since deer flies are attracted to skin colour, it is best to always wear a shirt so that they are encouraged to light on the patch.


"DeerFly Patches have been extensively field tested by governments and hunting clubs. It stops them from biting."

DeerFly patches have been extensively field tested by Ohio State University, the North American Hunting Club and the Michigan Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. All three organizations reported favourably on the ability of the Patch to stop deer flies from biting.

"All participants felt the patches were far superior to insect repellents".
"I highly recommend your Patches for Deerfly control".

"I also recommend your Deerfly Patches as the best personal control of biting flies".
-- Glenn R. Dudderar
Extension Specialist Wildlife
Fisheries and Wildlife Department
Michigan State University

"...I put the patches on (his son's) hat and he hasn't been bothered since".
-- Fred Halt, Canfield, Ohio

"I used the Deerfly Patches according to their directions and they worked great".
- Jeff Drake, Baltimore, Ohio

"Usually the bugs get on my neck and ears but didn't with the patches in place".
-- William Mundy, Amhert, Virginia

Environmental Aspects of the DeerFly Patch

"DeerFly Patches are completely non-toxic and odourless."

DeerFly Patches are environmentally safe. There is no odour or chemical residue. There are no messy oils or lotions that soil clothing or potentially cause health problems. There is no deet or similar chemical used on the DeerFly Patch. It is super sticky adhesive that does not stick to skin.

Unlike many spray on repellents, DeerFly Patches can be used by any age person including children. After use, the wearer must simply dispose of the Patch in the appropriate garbage container. Do not litter.

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